We have over 45 years experience providing the commercial honey market in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia with raw, pure, unfiltered honey. 100% of the honey that we provide is from our own hives right here in southern Alberta.

A few details for our commercial customers:

What is the floral source?

Canola, Clover and Alfalfa

What is the colour and moisture content?

The color of our honey is white (under 15 mm) and the moisture content is 16.5-17.5%

How clean is the honey?

After extraction, our honey settles for a minimum of 24 hours in two large stainless steel tanks that have a combined capacity of 45,000 kg of honey. This settling process minimizes wax and foam in the drum while retaining a high pollen count.

How is the honey packaged?

After settling, our honey is poured into new food grade drums that contain 295 kg of honey each.
Our drums are manufactured by Great Western Containers.



What is the minimum order?

Please contact Graham to discuss. (Please note that commercial quantities of honey are sold by the drum)
Mobile: 403-336-3854
Email: honeymill@honeymill.ca